Rob releases Bob Ross inspired music videos  
Episode 1: "Two Left Feet (The Way You Move)"

"It's a Beautiful Day" hits #1 in Greece!  
AB Vassilopoulous uses Rob's song for its 80th anniversary commercial!

Rob releases an acoustic cover of "Nightswimming" (R.E.M.) featuring Emma Cole of Wildermiss. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music

Rob Drabkin featured on Perez Hilton


Rob Drabkin performed in East Africa alongside Africa's biggest acts in Rwanda and Uganda. 
Watch video of Rob and Igor Mabano performing in Musanze, Rwannda. 

Rob Drabkin's song "It's a Beautiful Day" is in 93.3 KTCL's "Hometown for the Holidays!" 
Sign up to be a KTCL music nerd and vote for Rob on Friday, Dec 7th here

Watch the brand new music video filmed in Iceland for 
"Oh My (It's a Good Life)"

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